THREE REASONS TO CHOOSE WELMET SAW consumables, for these are

When you buy WELMET SAW CONSUMABLES you are sure that the price you have paid is the right price of the product for its given quality and service. Welmet prices are competitive as these are:

1. based on actual cost calculations and not on competition or ruling market prices,
2. most inputs are procured from primary source rather than from dealers/traders,
3. our production processes are cost effective and efficient. These result in lower overheads.

All this is apparent from the fact that most WELMET customers, who were earlier using costly, branded products have now switched over to our products without any compromise in their quality norms. 

When you use WELMET consumables you are assured of product quality as the product goes through stringent raw material checks and inspection, thorough in-process quality monitoring and strict finished product evaluation. The whole process of quality management is well documented and the records are available for verification to any visiting representative of the user. The long list of satisfied customers and their testimonies are an eloquent proof of this. Notwithstanding this, any inadvertent aberration in product quality is promptly addressed to and immediate alternative offered so that your work does not suffer.

A fifteen long years of test/trust record, since inception in 1996, vouches for company’s commitment to give best of the products and services to end user irrespective of the size of order, meaning, a small order gets the same attention and care as a large order. 

This commitment emanates from the company promoter, Dr. Subhash Paranjpe’s 36 long years of association with welding consumable field and understanding of the sufferings of customer on account of non compliance to these three aspects, namely, cost, quality and especially trustworthy service. To any customer the importance of these aspects need no elaboration. 

WELMET has adopted these three as the policy guiding and policy driving principles. With this, the intensity of customer focus is very high and is the reason why our customers consider our products and services trustworthy. You are welcome to become one of them.